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Hip Hop @ 50:

A Symposium Sponsored By The Public History Program

Howard University


Edited by Elizabeth Clark-Lewis, Ph.D.


At a two-day conference, students presented historically relevant, thought-provoking new ideas about Hip Hop. Following each student session, renowned artists, producers, politicians, media celebrities, designers, and internationally recognized business leaders –who all profoundly transformed Hip Hop’s worldwide impact– discussed how this cultural phenomenon encouraged their ground-breaking spirit, elevated their risk-taking viewpoints, and emboldened their empire-building attitudes. With precise viewpoints, each student provided nuanced perspectives about, and every prominent alumnus’ presented their distinctive appreciation for, the rich musical, cultural, and entrepreneurial landscape created by Hip Hop for five decades.


This book is a collection of the symposium’s essays. It highlights the rich historical and social context for the 1973 creation of Hip Hop while illustrating the scope, ethnic, gender, and regional diversity of Hip Hop. The positive aspects of Hip Hop, all too often obscured in urban studies, are dynamically detailed in these essays. In this volume, emerging scholars and legendary alumni present new insights as well as fresh re-examinations of the enormous cultural transformation created when invisible people with underrepresented voices launched the twentieth century’s most pivotal music era.


Article Contributors Include:


Alveta Addison Samantha Averett, PhD Yvonne R. Bradley, Esq.
J. Elijah Bratton Angela Carter Jelani Cobb, PhD
Elizabeth Clark-Lewis, PhD Victoria Colston-Brooks Janay Coplon
    Eola Dance Allen Ray Doakes III Cathy Driver
    Teisha Dupree-Wilson, PhD Jocelyn Imani, PhD Michael Johnson
    Stephanie Johnson Abena Lewis-Mhoon, PhD Tamia McDonald
    Amari Mhoon Amira Mhoon Tre’ Montgomery
    Christopher Newman Vedet Coleman Robinson, PhD A. Edna Santiago
    Tonay M. Toms Lauren M. Waller Alex Wilson
      Joshua K. Wright, PhD  

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