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The Peyton Johnson Family History


Following the American Revolution a very young enslaved child cherishes a secret she whispered only to her son and then to only each of his children. After the Civil War, as free people. they told the world their secret - they were Johnsons. Winnie, her son Peyton, and all his 33 children proudly left their descendants a great name as well as a legacy of faith, unity, and strength.


The remarkable saga includes these families who live all over the world: Virginia, - Washington, DC - Maryland - Delaware - Pennsylvania - New Jersey - New York - Ohio - Illinois - North Carolina - Georgia - Florida - Alabama - Texas - Oklahoma - Nevada - New Mexico - Arizona - California - Nigeria.


Elizabeth Clark-Lewis, Professor of History at Howard University and Director of the Public History Program, is one of the founders of The Afro-American Historical and Genealogical Society, Inc., the largest Black Genealogical Society in the world.


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